Delta Kappa Epsilon - ΔKE 

Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded on June 22, 1844at Yale College. The Yale chapter became known as the Southerners’ Fraternity and was the first Northern fraternity to colonize heavily in the South. It is also the only fraternity at Yale that has never gone inactive. Five U.S. Presidents have been Dekes, the most of any fraternity. The Tau Chi colony was founded at Texas A&M on March 24, 2010 by 8 founders all united by the common vision of establishing a fraternity of men who combine in equal  proportions the qualities of the gentleman, scholar, and jolly good fellow. This is the first colonization effort in history to have two former U. S. Presidents (George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush) personally support of the endeavor. The colors are blue, gold, and crimson and the flag is a triband of those colors with a left-facing rampant lion in the middle. The flower is the pansy.