Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Interfraternity Council (IFC)?

IFC is a student organization at Texas A&M which assumes the responsibilities of governing the 17 IFC fraternities and consists of approximately 1500 men. The IFC Senate, which governs over Greek Life, consists of the President, the Parliamentarian, and seven Vice Presidents, which include an Executive Vice President, and Vice Presidents for Recruitment, Administrative Affairs, Finance, Interfraternal Relations, Scholarship and Public Relations. These executives are joined by the Judicial Board, overlooked by the Parliamentarian. Lastly, five Directors are appointed to serve under the Executive Office which include Directors for Student Government Affairs, Community Affairs, Special Event Programs, Marketing, and Intramurals.


What is fraternity recruitment?

Fraternity recruitment is a process in which fraternities search for potential new members towards which they can most relate. During this time, prospective members can visit different fraternities and decide which fraternity matches his interests and compatibility the best.


Am I required to register for IFC Recuitment?

Yes. In order to participate in IFC recruitment, you must register for the recruitment database found here. Each semester, an ongoing list is compiled and constantly updated with new potential members interested in IFC recruitment. This list is then released to all IFC fraternities in order to aid each organization in acquiring interested new member names.

Am I eligible to rush?

In order to be eligible to rush, you must be taking classes at Texas A&M University, College Station campus. Blinn Team is eligible to rush if they are taking at least one class at Texas A&M; however, Full Blinn and Texas A&M RELLIS students do not fall under IFC rush eligibility. If you have any questions please contact IFC VP of Recruitment Colton Mandel at

What are the social benefits that stem from membership of a fraternity?

IFC fraternities provide a plethora of opportunities to develop socialization at Texas A&M. Most IFC fraternities are actively involved in social events, philanthropies, intramural sports, and scholarly seminars, which all provide each member with an experience to become acquainted with new students who share similar interests. As well as the planned events, the networking capabilities gained from joining a fraternity are far beyond most organizations on campus. After developing solid relationships with senior students, first and second year students learn to utilize those more knowledgeable students as mentors to provide guidance and advice. Finally, a fraternity can provide a stable group of students with similar interests, which is especially helpful during the earlier semesters of a students college career.


Is IFC fraternity membership time consuming?

Membership in an IFC fraternity can use as much or as little time as each individual member wants to allot. Typically, a member of a fraternity will gain more from the experience with increased involvement, but there is no required hours that must be put into fraternity involvement. IFC fraternities do not hinder students from becoming actively involved within other organizations or pull them away from their studies either.


Will my grades suffer if I choose to join an IFC fraternity?

While IFC fraternities are constantly active in several events during the school year, all fraternities still share the same common goal, scholarship. Students are highly encouraged to take part in fraternal functions after they feel they have spent adequate time in the classroom and study hall. We are also very excited to announce that IFC's current GPA is now higher than that of the University's average GPA.


What if I'm not ready to join a fraternity during the fall semester?

While most students decide to participate in recruitment during their first semester at school, many students, especially incoming freshman, decide to become more adjusted and acclimated to the new campus before committing their time to an organization. For this reason, students can join fraternities during the spring semester as well. While not all fraternities are active in spring recruitment, most fraternities do and the IFC will sponsor events similar to the fall rush schedule as well.


Are IFC fraternities involved in any forms of community service? Do fraternities have any philanthropy?

Community service and philanthropy are both very important and strongly emphasized by the IFC. As well as the organization of philanthropic events by the IFC, most fraternities have their own philanthropy which they hold annually. Overall, the IFC and each individual fraternity are committed to improving the Bryan/College Station area through several different projects. For a list of these projects, please view our Philanthropies page.