IFC Officers

Executive Council



Michael Jalliet ‘20

Fraternity: Sigma Chi

Major: Finance

Hometown: Round Rock, TX

Email Address: president@ifc.tamu.edu

Responsibilities: Presides over all IFC meetings, sets strategic vision for the council, holds authority to create positions and assignments, serves as chairman of the IFC executive counci, presides over IFC Congress, acts as official representative for the council, and ensures the council is operating.


Vice President

Jack Moody ‘20

Fraternity: Kappa Alpha Order

Major: Finance

Hometown: Houston, TX

Responsibilities: Assumes the duties of the President in his absence, works closely with the President in helping him to discharge his duties, coordinates a tailgate committee consisting of members all from different tailgating fraternities,  and schedules an orientation meeting for new IFC representatives on or before the second IFC Senate meeting of the fall semester.



Jacob Peter ‘19

Fraternity: Pi Kappa Alpha



Responsibilities: Serves as the chairman of the Interfraternity Council Judicial Board, interprets the IFC Constitution, Recruitment policies, and any other IFC policies, oversees Associate Justices, leads any judicial proceedings for the council, and maintains all confidential judicial records for the council.

Jacob H..jpg


VP of Administrative Affairs

 Jacob Harrison ‘20

Fraternity: Beta Theta Pi

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Houston, TX

Responsibilities: Records official minutes at all IFC Congress meetings and Executive Council meetings, takes roll at meetings, publishes and distributes meeting minutes, responsible for all records of the IFC, and oversees the IFC election process along with the IFC President.



VP of Recruitment

Connor Lanpher ‘20

Fraternity: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Major: Industrial Distribution

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Responsibilities: Chairs the IFC Recruitment team, provides information concerning recruitment to all IFC member fraternities and their teams, aids in organizing IFC formal and informal recruitment processes, evaluates recruitment before and after to maintain efficiency.




VP of Finance

 Jake Murphy ‘19

Fraternity: Delta Kappa Epsilon

Major: Business Honors

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

Responsibilities: Keeps funds of the IFC properly deposited and keeps an accredited set of records on all transactions, assigns and collects all fines, assessments, and charges in the IFC accounts,




VP of Interfraternal Relations

(Election Awaiting)




Responsibilities: Creates and implements all new programs of the Interfraternity Council, assists all member organizations with any programming needs or concerns, and is the IFC Executive Council member responsible for all programs run by the Interfraternity Council. 

IFC 2018.jpg

  VP of Public Relations

 Jacob Birenbaum ‘20

Fraternity: Sigma Alpha Mu

Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Houston, TX

Responsibilities: Coordinates the public relations efforts of the council, maintains contact with local news services to ensure appropriate coverage of the IFC, designs publications and marketing materials for the council, and is responsible for upkeep of the IFC website and social media accounts.


 VP of Scholarship

 Jacob McDonald ‘20

Fraternity: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Major: Economics

Hometown: McKinney, TX

Responsibilities: Creates and reviews applications for semesterly IFC Scholarships, maintains oversight on fraternity academics and GPR rankings, meets with chapter scholastic chairmen for chapters whose GPR fell below the required minimum, and assists chapter scholarship chairmen to raise Average IFC GPR above the All-Men’s GPR.




Director of Student Government Affairs

Clayton Nugent ‘21

Fraternity: Phi Gamma Delta

Major: Business

Hometown: Houston, TX

Responsibilities: Coordinates New Member Education Series, serves as the liaison between IFC and Student Senate, and seeks out and pursue opportunities to support SGA Committees and student organizations on behalf of IFC. 


Director of Marketing

 Bolin Mahaffey ‘21

Fraternity: Delta Kappa Epsilon

Major: Business Honors

Hometown: Houston, TX

Responsibilities: Searches for opportunities to market IFC on campus and in the community, develops marketing plans for IFC events, and creates an advertisement honoring chapters for their exceptional academic achievements.


Director of Intramurals

 David Schedler ‘20

Fraternity: Sigma Chi

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Plano, TX

Responsibilities: Works with Rec Sports to organize IFC leagues for Intramurals, informs chapters on the standings in these leagues at IFC Senate meetings, and awards the respective trophies to the winning fraternities in each league.


Director of Special Event Program

Austin McIntosh ‘20

Fraternity: Delta Tau Delta

Major: International Politics & Diplomacy

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX

Responsibilities: Coordinates fraternity tailgate locations and organization, assists other Board members in planning, and works to plan and implement new IFC events. 


Director of Community Relations

Will Fowler ‘20

Fraternity: Pi Kappa Alpha

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Houston, TX

Responsibilities: Organizes all matters pertaining to community service and philanthropy, coordinates Big Event participation for IFC fraternities, and compiles and distribute to all member fraternities and the Department of Greek life a current calendar of all social and service/philanthropy events for all member fraternities.