Risk Management Procedure

According to the IFC Constitution, risk management will be maintained as follows:




Section 1.    Each fraternity, and its members, shall follow all federal, state and local laws, as well as the Texas A&M University Student Rules.


Section 2.    Alcohol

A.    Any event involving alcoholic beverages must comply with either B.Y.O.B. or third-party vendor guidelines.

B.    No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through the fraternity’s funds, nor may the purchase of alcohol for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by a member on behalf of any fraternity.

C.    The use of bulk quantities, or common sources, of alcohol, such as kegs, shall be prohibited; except when used for registered alumni events.

D.    No fraternity shall distribute alcohol, including alcohol brought to parties by guests as B.Y.O.B., to persons under 21 or to persons other than those who brought the alcohol to the event.


2.No alcohol products above 15% ABV shall be present in any chapter facility or at any chapter event, except when served by a licensed third-party vendor.

Section 3.    Social Events

A.    A social event shall be defined as an event with any of the following: disc jockey, live music, more than thirty-five people, or which requires a contract – verbal or in writing.

B.    All social events including alcohol shall be reviewed by the Department of Greek Life no later than 48 hours prior to the event, as well as reviewed by the chapter’s faculty/staff advisor.

C.    A guest list shall be used at the entrance to the event.

D.    At the entrance to an event where alcohol will be present, two (2) fraternity members, one of whom is a senior-ranking officer, shall check IDs and distinctly mark underage guests as such, cross-check arriving guests with the guest list, and ensure that any guest arriving with alcohol is of age and receives tickets and is directed to the proper storage location for alcoholic beverages.  If the event is being held at an establishment with or by a company with a liquor license, the aforementioned tasks shall be completed with the staff of the business.

E.    If a B.Y.O.B. system is being used, tickets shall be distributed to each guest with alcohol upon their arrival.  After the guest has received their tickets, they shall place their alcohol in a centralized storage location, and may only retrieve a beverage after forfeiting a ticket.  No less than two active fraternity members, aged twenty-one years or older, shall check tickets at the centralized alcohol storage location.

F.    There shall be only one entrance to any social event.  

G.    Multiple exits shall be used and monitored by fraternity members to ensure that exits are not used as entrances.

H.    Appropriate non-alcoholic beverages must be available at the same place as all alcoholic beverages.  

I.    Free food shall be available to all guests.

J.    Security guards or police officers shall be present at the entrance to any social event where alcohol will be present. Suggested ratio is one guard or officer per 100 guests.

K.    In order to prevent sexual assaults/violence at fraternity houses where social events are being held, residential areas of the house will be blocked off to guests.

L.    The fraternity is responsible for advertising designated driver services and ensuring that all members and guests have access to a safe ride home.